How Much Are You Worth?

When you visit certain Web sites on the Internet, ad requests are sent to advertisers. They compete for a chance to serve ads to you. The bid prices they submitted to auctions are generally based on your information that advertisers possess, for example a profile inferred from your Web history, and your browsing context. The prices reflect how they evaluate your profile. We capture these prices to give you a quantification of your value from advertisers' perspective.

Results: We do not have any data associated with you. If you use Firefox or Chrome, please install the plugin and enable cookies. Note that our plugin does NOT work with Ad blocker extensions such as AdBlockPlus or any addons of these types. If you use Ad blockers, and still want to know how advertisers estimate your private data, you have three options:

We show below some general highlights, if you do not use Firefox or Chrome, or do not wish to install the plugin.

The average price paid for user's private data (items in Web browsing history) for our users is:


Summary of the results

Total number of users (with prices) 265
Average price of users $0.001278
Price of the cheapest user $0.000038
Price of the most expensive user $0.011999

Are you interested how much advertisers pay for your data? Go and check!

NEW Below we show the data of a new project [data since December'14].

The average daily money spent on ads, per user is:

Max money spent on a user $0.876
Min money spent on a user $0.007
Average number of displayed ads, per user 1452
Number of users who submitted this data: 8

UPDATE: The per-advertiser prices that are paid for your data: are here. You can improve this data by continuing the use our plugin. Thanks for your collaboration!

For more information please see our site. We will update it soon with a full analysis. The team